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We take great care in creating fresh, nutritious meals that satisfy the senses.

Experience our fine dining in Greater Atlanta, GA, and also see how we truly cater to the special needs of our residents.

At all our dining venues, you’ll find fresh, colorful food prepared creatively by our Chef and his staff with as much an eye on nutrition as on good taste. We serve fresh produce, vegetables, meats, and fish. The nutritional benefits of the balanced meals we serve in our Main Dining Room include increased mental acuity, resistance to illness and disease, higher energy levels, faster recuperation times, and better management of chronic health problems. This translates for our residents into less future senior care.

Residents living in the Landmark building receive 3 meals a day in our Main Dining Room which is elegantly designed and decorated. We deliver a rich variety of choices for each meal that residents are able to preselect. Nutrition and freshness are of the utmost importance to our chefs in designing our menus and preparing meals in our kitchens. We take care to address any special dietary needs for our residents.

We have a private dining room as well where a resident may desire to celebrate with family and friends that special occasion in an elegant yet quiet environment.

Community wide parties and events are held throughout in our Main Dining Room and adjoining large courtyard and patio. Seasonal events from after working out at the Wellness Center, you can always stop at our Casual Café. There, you can either enjoy a continental breakfast, read your favorite local newspapers, and “shoot the breeze” in the company of friends.