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Sterling Estates of East Cobb is, quite literally, a living community – where seniors are empowered and enabled to maintain a healthy, holistic lifestyle and a desired level of independence.

No stone was left unturned by the local owners/operators who designed a 10-acre campus worthy of their own loved ones. Designed with intention, this beautiful independent and assisted living neighborhood community with both cottages and apartments blends seamlessly with local landscape and architecture, resulting in a “look” that feels like home. “We wanted this to be a neighborhood first, that happened to have senior services,” says Partner Mike Brown. “In order to do that, you must have large acreage, you had to have expansive porches, patios, courtyards and sidewalks throughout. You must have different common places for people to go and to socialize. And now with the Covid-19 pandemic these amenities have become even more important to have for our residents and their families. We’re glad we built the community with all these features in place.

At Sterling Estates, we can practice “social distancing” and not be socially isolated from each other. Residents are encouraged to be active and engaged, albeit six feet apart and with masks when inside the community’s common spaces, during this pandemic time. The staff uses the appropriate PPE at all times in their interactions with residents. Every precaution is being taken, but with such ample room, there remains a wealth of opportunities for enrichment and interaction with fellow residents at a responsible distance. These include; outside in the courtyard, on the porches and patios, or in the oversized, fine-dining room, where tables have been spread out and all can be served comfortably apart, or in the spacious activity room. While the pandemic persists, family visits continue and are currently taking place outside on the porches, patios and courtyards.

With older adults being disproportionately at risk for COVID-19, Sterling has bolstered a transparent line of communication to keep residents and their families comforted and informed of every change. Fitness classes were transitioned outdoors, limited to a smaller number of residents in each class, and properly spaced to ensure the safety of all participants. A number of these classes are recorded on video and shared, giving people the option to participate in the comfort of their own living rooms. The indoor heated swimming pool continues to be used regularly by residents but with safe limits on number of residents in the pool at one time

High-risk activities such as grocery or supplies shopping are delegated to staff members who help in the delivery by carefully disinfecting items to reduce unnecessary exposure, and then dropping the groceries off at residents’ cottage or apartment. These circumstances only highlight “the care and affection our staff has for the people who live here, and the care and affection that the residents have for the staff,” according to Brown. “The appreciation that the families have, the level of confidence that they express to us knowing their parents are safe, means the world to us.” At Sterling Estates of East Cobb, life is celebrated; relationships with family, friends and neighbors are valued; and residents are staying socially engaged and Sterling Strong.


“Amid the pandemic, the Sterling team goes to great lengths to ensure safety and socialization for all. Mom is thriving!” – Kathleen D.

“I love our outdoor visits with Mom on Sterling’s porches… they are relaxing and reassuring during these unsettling times.” – Mary L.

“I am living an active and social life while well protected with fitting safeguards in place.” – John B.

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