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Leading The Way Safe and Social

“Fully vaccinating all of your residents should be celebrated as a huge milestone. And the fact that you are a direct provider and can offer booster shots if required here on site is a testament to going beyond for us. Living here has been a Godsend compare to our old home as we feel safe but are staying physically and mentally active with so many friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” Dee and Hart W.

“The support we all have at Sterling is more than we ever could have hoped for or expected. I am bragging about Sterling to all my friends and telling them they have to check it out for their parents. I know Mom and Dad even as Independent cottage residents are safe, social and well taken care of, and as time passes, that will be more important than ever.” Kristen M.

Click here to watch our Stronger than Ever video about how we are Leading the Way with vaccinations. 

Click here to watch our Welness video.

Leading the Way

  • 4 time winner, Best of Cobb 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 Retirement, Assisted Living and Memory Care.
  • We are the only Senior Living Communities in Georgia to bea direct provider of the vaccine.
  • We were the first Senior Living Communities in Greater Atlanta to fully vaccinate our residents.
  • Our residents engaged with each other safely and socially, eliminating the loneliness and depression that may have occurred if they were home, alone.
  • Our staff feels an additional sense of pride and purpose knowing they can protect the residents they care for but also protect themselves while at work.
  • Family members of residents feel a sense of relief knowing that their loved ones are well taken care of at Sterling Estates and confident that their loved ones are in right place to be at this time in their lives.
  • We became the first of the Senior Communities in Greater Atlanta to fully vaccinate our residents.

Doing Whatever it Takes

  • Early on when the pandemic hit, we purchased as much PPE as possible … no matter the cost.
  • We did this for not only those who live and work in our communities but also their loved ones.
  • We learned this worked as we have had no outbreaks at our Sterling communities for more than a year since.
  • We made the decision to increase our staff to resident ratio to respond to the ever-changing challenges the pandemic created.
  • We offered additional pay to our staff 3 times this past year to recognize their service, ensure they had the resources necessary to stay safe, incentivize them to continue to stay vigilante and adopt our immunization plan.
  • We proactively suspended all sales activities and did not allow any move-ins for over 3 months as we focused all our efforts on taking care of our existing residents.
  • We look far and wide to locate testing resources allowing for biweekly staff testing and onsite testing if and when needed for our residents.
  • We dedicated an incredible amount of time and resources to allow us to be qualified as the only senior living communities in the state to be a direct provider of the vaccine like CVS and Walgreens.
  • We became adept … learning from our own experiences and trusted resources at the county, state and federal level.