About Sterling Estates


We build Sterling Estates retirement communities with a commitment to providing the finest lifestyle, services and care for our residents.

Our desire to build and operate these communities came out of a need to offer our own family members better lives, and we strive to do the same for you and yours.

Current Sterling Estates are located in East Cobb and West Cobb. We recently filed for zoning approval on 45 acres in Cumming, Ga., part of Forsyth County, just off of state route 400, exit 13 to build our 3rd Sterling Estates senior neighborhood community, Sterling Estates of Forsyth.

Each of our communities offers exceptional living accommodations, myriad opportunities for continued happiness, and a warm, friendly environment conducive to making new friends and enjoying family. At each of our communities, we uphold what we feel are life's most important values:  service, faith, dependability, and the one special feeling that everyone in the world holds for the members of their families: hope.

Hope is the common thread that, throughout the ages, has inspired people to pursue the best qualities of life. Family and hope--those are the qualities that make a life Sterling.

This genuine sense of family and hope makes each Sterling Estates community a special place to be. Plus, our modern residences and amenities offer familiar comforts and new opportunities to bring the qualities of a Sterling Life together.

When you visit one of our communities, you’ll quickly see what we mean. Talk to our residents and staff. Discover all that makes a life Sterling.

For more information on East Cobb, click here to contact us online or call 678-946-4454.

For more information on West Cobb, click here to contact us online or call 770-255-7000.

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